Jail mumps case prompts public warning

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Dr. Jules Madrigal discusses symptoms and statistics of mumps after a case was confirmed at the Burnet County Jail late last month.



By Connie Swinney

Staff Writer

Burnet Bulletin

Test results have confirmed a positive result for mumps at the Burnet County Jail, prompting a quarantine among some inmates and a public health alert.

According to the Burnet County Health Authority, a male inmate incarcerated since at least April 23 began showing symptoms of mumps.

Mumps, an infectious viral disease, is marked by a swelling of salivary glands, fever, flu-like symptoms, pain in the face, pain during swallowing, loss of appetite and fatigue.

“Usually we don't see the mumps. We thought we had pretty much eradicated it until the last nine years,” Burnet County Health Authority Dr. Juliette Madrigal said. “The nurse practitioner at the jail did a good job recognizing this because it's so rare.”

The inmate began exhibiting symptoms on April 27, when he was tested, the Burnet County Health Authority reported. Two days later the test came back positive.

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