Butter brings 'tri-vocational' ministry to Burnet



By Savanna Gregg

Burnet Bulletin

Jesus was a carpenter. The Apostle Paul was a fisherman. They, along with many other Biblical figures, made a living in other ways, in addition to spreading the word of the Gospel.

Today, the bi-vocational lifestyle is becoming a little more common as the economy changes, or as pastors simply wish to expand their reach through various lines of work.

A local pastor has dove head-first into the bi-vocational ministry since his arrival in Burnet in July 2017. Matthew Butter, pastor of Hoover Valley Baptist Church, might actually be considered tri-vocational.

After worshiping with his congregation on Sunday morning, Butter supports his family by selling insurance. When he is not working with his customers, he entertains the public with his musical talents.

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