opinions differ


Opinions differ about closed boys' home

By Alexandria Randolph

Burnet Bulletin

Following the investigation of a religious boys’ home in Bertram, statements of personal experiences with the home have been mixed.

Mandy Dillinger of Cosseta, Georgia, said her 14-year-old stepson, Jacob, was placed in Joshua Home in Pineville, Missouri by his biological mother after the family lost his father last year.

Jacob, who has Attention Deficit Disorder, had shown resistance to completing class work and had lied about items missing in his mother’s house, she told Dillinger. His mother determined that sending Jacob to a home for troubled boys was the best option, a choice that Dillinger disagreed with.

“He had just lost his father. He needed time to mourn,” she said. “You have to give him a chance to deal with it.”

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