spring forward


Pawnee springs forward

Marcie Masterson/Burnet Bulletin


Everyone is smiling as Pawnee headed straight for the bowl of oats and gobbled them down signifying an early spring for the Bertram area. Pawnee is pictured with Ella Schooler, his trainer, who has been showing him since an early age and had a great showing at the National Miniature Donkey show in 2011. Ella is the granddaughter of Skip and Patsy Oertli, the owners of award winning Frontier Legends stable in Oatmeal. The other girls pictured are Paislee Masterson and Addy Grace Allen, Donkey Day ambassadors. They’ve both been at Donkey Day ceremonies since they could walk. The newest ambassador in training, Camille Fitzsimmons, is shyly peeking out between the older girls.

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