Burnet, Bertram avoid COVID-19 sales tax dips

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The north-end cities of Burnet and Bertram not only avoided a COVID-19-related dip in sales tax allocations for June — they actually saw their receipts go up, in stark contrast to most cities in the south end of Burnet County.

Sales tax allocations for Burnet were up more than 12 percent and were up more than 10 percent for Bertram despite a shutdown of businesses deemed “non-essential” in April by Gov. Greg Abbott.

By contrast, sales tax allocations for Marble Falls for June dropped by 7.25 percent — more than $60,000 — while Horseshoe Bay reported a decline of more than 46 percent — almost $81,000. Cot more than 16 percent — which tonwood Shores had a drop of is about $2,700 for that small community.

The only south-end city to was Granite Shoals, goes which report gains in sales tax Bur revenue for the month of June — 10 an had a jump of 33.25 percent increase of more than $8,700.

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread social distancing requirements were in place across much of the state in April, leading to the steepest year-over-year decline in allocations since September 2009.

In June 2020, Burnet County municipalities received a combined $1,167,869.41 in sales tax revenues, an decrease of 8.46 percent, or $107,877.21, below the $1,275,746.62 received during June 2019. Overall in Burnet County for the year, sales tax revenues are at $7,118,045.02, up 0.05 percent or $4,192.07 from the $7,113,852.95 received during the same time period last year.

Burnet had sales tax receipts for June 2020 go up 12.10 percent from $203,595.29 in June 2019 to $228,234.75 this month. For the year, sales tax revenue is up 7.39 percent above last year, from $1,201,279.38 at this point in 2019 to $1,290,138.79 through this year.

Bertram sales tax receipts are up 10.24 percent from $22,882.86 in June 2019 to $25,226.73 this month. For the year, Bertram maintains the highest percentage sales tax growth at 24.85 percent, from $144,007.15 through this point in 2019 to $179,801.70 through six months of 2020.

For Marble Falls, city sales tax revenue of $771,387.85 for June was 7.25 percent lower than the $831,771.57 distributed in June 2019. Sales tax receipts make up the lion’s share of general fund revenues for the county’s largest city.

For the year, Marble Falls has collected $4,705,920.50, down 0.29 percent from the $4,719,875.43 collected during the same period last year.

Sales tax receipts for Horseshoe Bay were down 46.21 percent for June 2020. This month, the city, which straddles the Burnet and Lla no county line, received just $93,611.09, compared to the $174,053.54 received in June 2019.

It marks the worst month for HSB sales tax collection in a year of marked decline for the city. For the year, sales tax revenues in HSB are down 16.73 percent, from $795,759.97 in 2019 to $662,577.84 this year. In six months for 2020, the city has received less than it got in the first five months of 2019.

Cottonwood Shores saw a decrease of 16.09 percent in June 2020, down from $17,185.24 to $14,419.50. For the year, sales tax revenues are still up 1.82 percent from $90,860.74 in 2019 to $92,518.16 through the same point this year.

Granite Shoals, on the other hand, saw sales tax revenues rise by 33.25 percent from $26,258.12 in June 2019 to $34,989.49 this June. For the year, sales tax revenues are up a robust 15.43 percent, from $162,070.28 to $187,088.03.

Three cities in Burnet County — Marble Falls, Burnet and Granite Shoals — collect the maximum allowable sales tax rate of two percent, while Bertram and Horseshoe Bay collect 1.75 percent and Cottonwood Shores collects 1.5 percent.